A Physician Encounters the Ebola Capital of the World

During the height of the Ebola epidemic one hospital refuses to shut its doors…In August 2014 Dr. James Appel is called to leave the Republic of Chad where he’s been working for the last 10 years to go help out at the SDA Cooper Hospital in Liberia. James embarks on a four-day journey from Abéché near the Sudanese border across the deserts of Chad to N’Djamena, then on to Addis Abiba, Accra and finally Monrovia where he begins working at one of the few hospitals still open in the Liberian capital. The fear of Ebola and the real fact that many health care workers have been dying of the hemorrhagic fever have left hospitals closed and people without anywhere to go when they’re sick. Led by American surgeon Gillian Seton and staffed with a group of hard-core Liberians, the SDA Cooper Hospital has decided to stay open during the crisis and they are swamped. In vivid detail Dr. Appel describes the challenges of keeping a hospital open and running during one of the most fearsome plagues of our time.




Dispatches from a District Hospital in Chad

Authored by James Appel

30 year old Dr. James Appel leaves the comforts of home in the US to work as the only doctor in a floundering district hospital in the Republic of Chad. As a general practitioner he is faced with having to attempt things way beyond his level of comfort and training. Share the frustration, sorrow, pain, joy, triumph of living life in a totally different culture where patients often prefer to go see the witch doctor or traditional bone setter before coming to the hospital and where death is a daily occurrence. Dr. Appel shares his experiences in riveting first person narrative, written originally as blogs sent over a satellite phone from a village without telephones, water or electricity. Dr. Appel’s commitment takes him from highs to lows over the course of three years as he struggles to bring health care to a desperate community while going on his own spiritual journey.



Children of the East

The Spiritual Heritage of Islam in the Bible

Islam and Christianity appear to be on opposite sides of an irreconcilable chasm but when one delves into the heritage of Islam by tracing the descendants of Ishmael and the other peoples of the East in the Bible one finds that God’s plan was cooperation and collaboration between the spiritual descendants of the sons of Abraham. Dr. James Appel has lived and worked in the Republic of Chad for the last seven years which has put him in direct contact with Islam and the Children of the East. Join him as he traces the spiritual heritage of the world’s fastest growing religion through the ancient texts of the Old and New Testaments.




The Jesus of the Qur’an and the Gospels

Most Christians and Muslims feel like there is no reconciling their beliefs about Jesus the Messiah. However, when one strips away tradition and goes back to the Holy Books: the Qur’an and the Gospels, one finds that both religions have distorted who Jesus is. When the sources of the two great monotheistic religions are looked at without bias and preconceived notions, one discovers that Jesus is the same and that it’s only misconceptions, misunderstandings, culture and tradition that have muddied the picture. Muslims and Christians are culturally different but at the core, when it comes to the Qur’an and the Gospels, they have the same Jesus.